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Always In Search of the Perfect Doughnut!

Yes it's true....I am a sucker for an amazing doughnut! If you ask my kids they will tell you I am a health freak, except when it comes to doughnuts. I really need to explain?

I have never had much of a sweet tooth. I would rather order and appetizer than a dessert and when I bake a cake I usually don't eat it (crazy I know). On my last birthday I told my mom I didn't need a cake. She tried to be respectful of this but called me the day before to inform me that we were having cake for her since she gave birth to me (yes this actually happened). But let's be real, doughnuts are a different story!

We actually have a standing family ranking of all the doughnut shops we have ventured into over the years. We all have a favorite and we don't all agree! When my husband and I were in seminary in Seattle we often ventured into Pike Place Market for the mini-amazing-warm-sugary-doughnut stand. For many years these were my favorite.

I think my obsession with doughnuts began as a child. Most weekends my grandfather would take us down the street to indulge in a Winchell's doughnut! Sadly these do not qualify for the list anymore- move over Winchell's- doughnuts have taken on a whole new level!

The Donut Bar (San Diego, CA.)

B St. is the place to be first thing in the morning. You know you are there when you see a long line half way down the block. Yep, they are so good people wait in line for a long time!

After getting into the building you are greeted with a fun array of creative doughnuts! We ordered a few before I asked "what are you known for?" When she told me it was a french toast doughnut made to order and served with maple syrup, I knew we needed one (yes NEEDED). It was amazing. Next time you are in San Diego make sure you end up on B St. for a doughnut experience you will never forget. (Pictured below)

Pike Place Doughnuts (Seattle, WA.)

My second favorite is the sugar & cinnamon doughnuts at Pike Place Market. Not only is Pike Place known for flying fish, beautiful flowers, the first Starbucks Coffee and amazing fish & chips, it has the BEST doughnuts around. They are small and mighty! Buy a dozen assorted and enjoy a little slice of heaven. (Pictured below)

A few more on the list, but not at the top, which means you don't want to pass up but you can do better:

A FEW Favorites...

Devils Dozen (San Diego, CA.)

Voodoo Doughnuts (Portland, OR.)

Guru Donuts (Boise, ID.)

And we will always add more! San Francisco is coming up and you know we will hunt down the best doughnut there!


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