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Last June I attended my daughter's 6th grade graduation from a local Montessori school. After each graduate had given their speech and things were wrapping up, the younger students lined up behind the 6th grade class and began singing Time of Your Life by Green Day. And then it happened....I burst into tears! Not going to lie, it was a tad embarrassing! It was at that moment I realized I was no longer the mother of small children.

I was a mess all summer long. Not just crying but fluctuating between moments of total frustration and moments of total nostalgia. I didn't know how to be the mom of teenagers and yet I had spent 15 years in youth ministry. Total crisis. It wasn't pretty. In many ways I had to relearn how to relate to my own children. The little people I knew so well and loved so ferociously.

Life now consists of loud music, the sound of elephants coming down the stairs, technology, dances, reminders about hygiene, drivers licenses, pimples, explaining the meaning of consequences, and hugging gum walls (gross, I know. I'm still not over this one). But there is also the laughter! Lots of laughter, teenagers are funny! Now I'm not going to lie, sometimes I am laughing at them but mostly I am laughing with them!

Each morning I remind myself that in the not-so-far-off future I will miss all of the things that drive me crazy. The time is short and no matter how much I pray, they are not slowing down, time is not slowing down! So for today we will dance in the kitchen, eat a little more junk food, snuggle up on the couch to watch Stranger Things, and maybe even hug a gum wall! Well not me, but I will laugh and take their picture!


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