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Finding Comfort in the Kitchen

"Being in the kitchen, cooking something that will nourish my family is what grounds me in times of chaos".

My youngest child just became a teenager and I'm not going to sugar coat things for you, it's hard. It's hard in so many ways. It's hard to realize that the time they all have under my roof is limited. It's hard to watch them navigate the social world of the opposite sex with their hearts open wide and at times crushed or healing. It's hard to see elementary friendships change and often cause pain and confusion.

I always thought as kids got older they would need you less and less. Boy was I wrong! They may not need me to help them get dressed, tie their shoe or tuck them in at night, but they need me to be present, to be available, to be listening and paying attention. When I get busy or have too much going on, things start to crumble. When I am home more, even if I am being completely ignored, everyone seems content.

I know being home is hard for so many people. Luckily for me, I am happiest in the kitchen, so this is where I have planted myself for the time being. As many of us know the heartbeat of the home tends to be the kitchen, and in my home it is. The kitchen is where the kids know they can find me, and I think as they navigate the jungles of the teen years, knowing I am there brings them comfort (and usually something good to eat). Teens often feel alone as they realize how big the world is and how hard it can be. Just knowing someone is around brings them peace.

So for the next few years you can find me in the kitchen, looking for new recipes, cooking dinner, helping with homework, comforting broken hearts, encouraging adventure and enjoying a nice glass of wine. Stop by anytime, you are welcome in my kitchen too.


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